Become Obsessed With Perfecting Only What You Can Control

Often times when I talk to people It seems like there is way to much focus being put on the things we can’t control. While eating a donut I’ve never thought I’d be skinny if donuts didn’t taste so good. And that’s because I have no control of how donuts taste I only have control of if I eat them.

One huge thing you can do everyday to make this summer successful is to only focus on what you can control.

Become obsessed with perfecting only what you can control, put every ounce of energy into figuring that out. And put zero energy into the things you can’t control.

Your worries will keep you occupied, but ultimately, they waste your time and energy because worrying doesn't do any good. Stop getting frustrated because you haven’t closed a sale today yet or because someone was mean or it’s raining or everyone has a company. Why spend a single moment being upset about that. If you’ve pushes as hard as you can push, worked as hard as you can work, And have done all you can do, then that’s all you can do. Smile. Because that’s the secret to success and by doing that you will succeed way more often than you fail.

Spend each day focusing on perfecting Your Attitude, Your Preparation, Your Efforts, Your Behavior, Your Habits And Your Actions

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