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Get A Second Meeting

The Second meeting is the most important

The second meeting is extremely important. The first meeting, you want to capture their attention. Make sure you go over details, but really the goal is to "wow" them. The second meeting is vital to seal the deal.


Make sure you tell your recruits that their is so many more things you can go over, and it cannot be gone completely over in one meeting. Make sure you do these things:


-Ask them on a scale from 1-10 where their interest lies.

-Whatever number they say, say something like, "I can work with that."

-Let them know there is more you want to chat with them on, and that you want to tailor they next meeting to them and their needs. (If this is a top notch recruit, reach out to Jayson or I about potential "Special Deals") I like to tell them that you want to do some special things for them, so I want to make sure we sit and chat again. That something special and be extremely small and it will get them very excited.

-SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. Do not let them leave until they are scheduled. It is so vital to get a specific appointment nailed down.